Friday, December 21, 2007

Worked Example Sessions

Just to make sure everyone gets the message: I've created four Worked Example Sessions a week. These are purely voluntary, no registration etc. The times are:

Tuesday 10-11 MCM 154 Stephen
Tuesday 14-15 MCLD253 Shun
Thurs 10-11 LSK462 Stephen
Thurs 1630-1730 Math 104 Jason

If you're going to come, welcome but come on time and be prepared to work. The instructor will be going through worked examples related to the theory presented in the lectures. The worked examples will have a remarkable similarity to the style of the exam questions. The worked example questions will be posted on the WebCT before the week in which the sessions occur. You are expected to print out and have a go at the examples before the session. All the sessions cover the same ground. Note: we won't go through the examples again outside these sessions. Your choice!

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