Friday, December 21, 2007

Getting a lab password

We'll be starting the lab session right from the first Monday. You need to make sure you can log onto your account using the 192 computers, which have a higher security level. The link is here:

You may not be able to access this from off-campus. You could also try it after connecting through the UBC virtual network. Instructions for this are at:

If all else fails, get into the lab and do it yourself there before the lab begins. The instructor will assume that you have done all this and you're ready to go.

Worked Example Sessions

Just to make sure everyone gets the message: I've created four Worked Example Sessions a week. These are purely voluntary, no registration etc. The times are:

Tuesday 10-11 MCM 154 Stephen
Tuesday 14-15 MCLD253 Shun
Thurs 10-11 LSK462 Stephen
Thurs 1630-1730 Math 104 Jason

If you're going to come, welcome but come on time and be prepared to work. The instructor will be going through worked examples related to the theory presented in the lectures. The worked examples will have a remarkable similarity to the style of the exam questions. The worked example questions will be posted on the WebCT before the week in which the sessions occur. You are expected to print out and have a go at the examples before the session. All the sessions cover the same ground. Note: we won't go through the examples again outside these sessions. Your choice!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Switching labs

I don't mind at all if you want to switch computer labs to a time that's more convenient to you. Of course, the lab you want to switch into must have some free seats. I think all you have to do is to go to the SSC, drop the lab you don't want, and then register for the lab you do want. Now, I haven't tested this arrangement but it seems to work for other courses. Have a go and let me know if it does or doesn't work.

If you're contemplating switching, just bear in mind the Worked Example sessions I mentioned in the e-mail I sent out last week. The WEs are quite different from the labs. You want to make sure you can attend at least one of the four WEs in a week (they're the same, just different instructors). So, don't switch labs and then find you can't get to a WE.

If you're not in LFS

If it happens that you're not in LFS, you need to take some special actions to get a password to use the lab in Room 192. Send an e-mail to and explain that you're in AGSC252 but not in LFS, and can you get a password to use the lab.

Albert C, they already know about you.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thursday 1630 not a lecture

Unfortunately the folks at SSC have gaffed---they posted the 1630 Thursday Worked Example class as a lecture. It's not a lecture, and should not have been posted on the SSC. It will come off soon.

Also, some folks have reported difficulties registering for the new labs. I've reported this problem. Let me know if you still can't register say after lunch on Monday (give them a few hours to sort it).

Some of those who ordered Stata didn't come along to collect their orders. I have them and I will pass them out at the first lecture. I probably won't be on campus much before then.